Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SocialDex- CNY Reunion Dinner

The tiger’s roar gets louder and louder as we countdown to the coming Tiger Year. Come celebrate @ Flaming Steamboat Buffet!!!

Theme : Roaring Night
Date : 04 February 2010 (Thursday)
Time : 7.30pm
Venue : Flaming Steamboat Buffet @ Bandar Sunway (beside Sunway Pyramid/ Sunway Lagoon)
Attire : RED/ Pink Smart Casual
Cuisine : Steamboat, Halal

Preparation before dinner, perpare angpow :-p

Sabar menanti kejutan...

kejutan yg dinantikn... :-p

give angpow & limau...

chinese new year song by SocialDex community

mknan yg smpt diambil

hapi dpt mkn :-p

Cabutan btuah pd yg btuah...

President & timbalan SocialDex... cool beb :-p

my door gift... i like :-)

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